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I decided to take advantage of Geography’s wide-ranging topicality by writing about a handful of films for my university Honours Dissertation. It went very well. In short, I analysed the changing geopolitical nature of Hollywood movies, with particular focus on how threat has become internalised in recent years (i.e. attacks on the US homeland rather than the depiction of war abroad). I used Independence Day, Arlington Road, Olympus Has Fallen, and White House Down as case studies.

If you’re interested you can read all about the geopolitics of a Roland Emmerich movie by clicking on the download link above. Maybe I’ll write a second part when Independence Day Resurgence gets released in 2016. Having said that, if Will Smith can’t be bothered following up his previous work, why should I?

Independence Day Poster Arlington Road Poster Olympus Has Fallen Poster White House Down Poster

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4 thoughts on “Film Dissertation”

  1. Really interesting Adam. I’ll have a quick glance at your new post of TMNT first and then check out your film dissertation. That kind of inspires me to maybe one day follow up my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a master’s specializing in film and/or film journalism. I’d love to continue getting to know the industry more and I don’t see a better way than pursuing more university plaudits. Nice work, by the way.

    1. Thanks Tom. I’m actually hoping to head back to uni after a year out to do my Human Geography master’s this September. I’ll need to write another, bigger dissertation so hopefully I can follow this one up in some way, or at least make it film-related again. If you do read it let me know what you think. It’d be interesting to hear from someone who isn’t necessarily in the geography bubble. I really wish I’d done film journalism at uni, but it’s probably too late for me now. If you fancy it and are able to go back, it might be good idea!

      1. I would say there’s never a ‘too late.’ I mean, I’m 5 years out of university and just starting to debate going back for further degrees. It’s interesting learning what you’re doing away from the blog. I am definitely curious to see how human geography ties in to your passion for cinema. I bet they coincide more often than not.

        1. Yeah, you’re right. “Too late” was a poor choice of words. Maybe one day I’ll do it. They certainly do, especially when you consider human geography as the study of culture and politics and society and how humans interact with those. That’s essentially film!

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