Consumed By Television

I’m not just a fan of the big screen – I am also a pretty big television addict!

I watch a vast collection of television shows, including everything from The Walking Dead to Doctor Who. I love it all, which is why I think it is only fair to include a television section as part of my blog.

I have not come up with any particular structure to this television area as I do not think it needs it. Basically, if it is television related, I will write about it here. I will blog on shows, particular episodes, news, casting changes, new shows – anything that grabs my attention in the world of the small screen.

On the odd occasion, there will even be WWE Pay-Per-View reviews for all of the wrestling fans out there.

If you are a fan of television, go on and have a look around!

This guy has just heard about the Consumed by Television section.

Desmond Approves
Desmond Approves

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