News will cover anything and everything to do with film!

Here i will discuss all of the latest goings-on around the world of cinema – everything from things like Disney acquiring massive film franchises to Tarantino’s refusal to defend his ‘over-use’ of violence in his movies to whether or not Sam Mendes will direct the next Bond film. To be honest, this section just gives me an excuse to blab on about film in general.

I will do my best keep the news organised in order to make it easy to navigate through, and not resemble John Hurt and his poor chest in Alien. There will be sections on:

  • Newly announced films
  • Casting and directorial developments
  • Random movie trivia

And maybe some other stuff too.

Film news always generates a buzz, just as Ben Affleck.


Ben Affleck Approves
Ben Affleck Approves

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