Reeling Them Off

Another new feature – hooray!

Reeling Them Off, so aptly named by yours truly, will basically be a mesh of reviews, news and previews. Rather than write out five or six unnecessarily extended blog posts on specific items, i will condense these items down into a paragraph or two and combine them all together in one meshed up post (mesh is a great word – it’s like a polite mash).

The type of content you should expect to read here will be similar to that throughout the rest of my blog:

  • Recent news
  • Previews and trailers
  • My thoughts on films i have watched

The key to this feature is that it will include film-related information which doesn’t necessarily command its own post, but is certainly noteworthy and thus justifies some sort of recognition.

In other words, Reeling Them Off is just another place for me to ramble on about the world of film. I’ll try not to bore you in the process.

Let’s start with this.

The Rock Approves
The Rock Approves

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