Small, Tiny, Mini, Teensy, Micro-Hiatus

Hello fellow blog-o-maniacs!

Apologies for my infrequent presence on each of your wonderful blogs. I’m currently in the process of writing my university dissertation, and some other uni essays, therefore my hands are a bit full at the moment. I’ll still be aroundĀ over the next month or so, but the manner in which I’ll be manifesting will probably be rather bitty.

I hope everyone is as cheery as Truman Burbank at the beginning of that Jim Carrey flick.

In other news, Interstellar was released in cinemas today here in the UK. I’ve already seen it (wormhole time-travel) and can confirm that it’s the greatest movie of all time.

Only half of that statement was a lie. I haven’t seen it.

Rust knows. Nice mug.

True Detective - Rust Cohle

Image copyright: HBO