Just like Freeman Lowell, i hold the future in the highest regard – which is why Previews is all about what is coming next.

It is always fun to speculate about how good a film will be or anticipate how much money a film is likely to make. This section of my blog is all about just that: here i will look ahead at films that i have a particular interest in. I will include my thoughts on the future of film franchises (please Michael Bay, give the robots-hitting-each-other nonsense a by) along with my reaction to brand new film announcements and their future potential.

Of course, sharing an opinion on a film well in advance of its release date is like taking a tambourine to a robbery – you could easily get caught out. Just ask all of those people who said World War Z was going to be a complete failure!

Again, organisation is the key to making it easy for you to find where everything is. Here you will find areas dedicated to:

  • Film Franchises and their future
  • Potential of New Titles
  • Trailers

When previewing a film i tend to highlight the UK release date, but i will include the US opening date too – this is the case in my reviews too.

Have a look into the future as i see it (i insist) and let me know what you think!

Brad Pitt Approves
Brad Pitt Approves

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