Here you will find all of my film reviews!

Each review is designated a category according to the decade in which it was released in cinema – for example Iron Man 3 is in the 2010s category (worry not, you will pick it up).

When i started this blog back in May, i decided that having a review formula was the best option. And it was back then. I just wanted to type something coherent for people to read and, in truth, without some sort of structure i didn’t really know what i was doing. I still don’t, but with some reviews in the bank i now feel that it is better to just go with the flow. No structure, no timetable, no controls, no formula. Just however i feel after watching a film.

Which means we no longer require this nonsense.

Okay, so this is how each review will be laid out:

  1. The first section will introduce the film title, the director, the prominent actors and so on. This will only be a short section.
  2. The second section will provide an overview of the film – without spoilers! I will describe the setting of the film, the premise of the plot and what each character is doing. This will all be stuff that is fairly obvious if you have seen the film, or will act as a written trailer if you have not.
  3. Now we are getting into my thoughts on the film. The nitty-gritty. Again spoiler free, i will give my opinion on the film in question. Did i like it? What did i like about it? Whose performances did i enjoy – or not enjoy? What did i think was missing? All that kind of stuff. And the key letter (or word) in all of those questions was “i”. This is all my opinion, it does not make it correct and it does not make it incorrect – it is just an opinion.
  4. The final section is not really a section, but merely a final sentence or two to wrap up my review and i will give the film my rating out of five.

Read and laugh, cry, smile, agree, hate, abhor. Just please don’t shout at me.


Jennifer Approves
Jennifer Approves

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